Owl Eyes Project

The Owl Eyes Capsule Endoscopy Academy is an ambitious project created to overcome all the challenges in capsule endoscopy training. We believe they represents barriers to its development and expansion.

We offer our experience of more than 20 years to all capsule endoscopy users.

Our background: More than 50 training courses in 15 countries. More than 2,000 physicians trained in capsule endoscopy.


Our Logo is not a coincidence.

Owls have an almost perfect vision that makes them fearless hunters. The field of vision of one eye overlaps with that of the other. This stereoscopic vision provides them with a great depth of field, allowing to estimate both the size and distance to their prey with high accuracy.

And that’s exactly what this technique needs … a special visual acuity in the readers allowing to capture all the lesions shown by the capsule endoscope in the videos. At the Owl Eyes Capsule Endoscopy Academy, we don’t aim to change people, just enhance one of their abilities: vision.


Passion, Warmth, Rigor y Professionalism

After more than 20 years of experience in the field, we believe our philosophy can be summarized in these four words.

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