Capacitation Course

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has brought about several consequences on many levels or spheres. Our lives have undergone significant changes, not only personally but also professionally. An example in this regard is the cancellation of most in-person educational events worldwide.

The uncertainty in which we had been living for months prevented us from setting new dates for cancellations or developing new events in the short to medium term. Therefore, anticipating the circumstances, we decided to modify our main course format, while maintaining the philosophy. Our new main courses will now be conducted on-line and will have a longer duration, allowing us to increase the “hands-on” hours, which, with no doubt, was an area that could be improved in the on-site courses.

Curso de capsula Endoscópica

In summary…


4 months.



Teaching hours

150 hours.


Theoretical and practical video-classes, self-assessment tests, articles, «live» webminars, hands-on sessions, Q&A «live» sessions, forum and private & group chats.

Q&A «live» sessions

Q&A «live» sessions, weekly, especially designed to solve doubts, questions and comments.


Official Course. Endorsed by the main Scientific Societies and certified by the Spanish National Health System


Course attendees will acquire the following competencies:

  • Optimization of the use of the technique through updates on its indications and contraindications.
  • Understanding of the specifics and operation of the latest version of the reading software.
  • Learning of a specific reading method.
  • Recognition of complications and how to prevent them.
  • Accurate interpretation of normal and abnormal images.
  • Creation of properly structured reports.
  • Knowledge of the necessary materials for conducting the procedure and how to do it.
  • Lesion characterization: classification, size, and location.
  • Reaching the learning curve in video reading: small intestine and colon.

“At the beginning of the Course, all the materials will be uploaded to a virtual platform, although the attendee will only have access to the content of the corresponding week. Topics will be delivered through video-classes accompanied based on pptx. presentations. Additionally, all topics will have associated video-classes with related images, self-assessment tests, and texts providing in-depth explanations, as well as recommended bibliography in .pdf format.

All attendees will be able to access an interactive calendar included in the virtual platform to check the topics scheduled for each week, allowing them to download or view the materials. Periodically, tutorials, Q&A sessions, and webinars on crucial topics will be planned, complementing the attendees’ education.

During the Hands-on sessions, segmented and complete videos specifically selected for the Course will be reviewed. The reports for each examination will be sent to the teacher for correction and returned with relevant feedback. The scores for each reading will be included in a database, allowing the attendee’s progress to be tracked and showing when they complete their learning curve.

At the end of the training period, a final comprehensive exam will be conducted to assess the attendee’s proficiency in the subject matter. Attendees who do not pass this test will have the opportunity to do so after an additional review of the blocks or topics in which they did not meet the required grade.”


“The educational resources have been specifically designed to be dynamic, comprehensive, and interactive.”

Small bowel Module

Section 1 – Theoretical lessons

• History of Capsule Endoscopy.
• Other indications
• Indications and contraindications.
• Complications.
• Patency.

Section 2 – Practical lessons

• Procedure I – Before procedure.
• Procedure II – During procedure.
• Procedure III – After procedure.
• Software.
• Recommended reading method.
• Alternative reading methods.
• Images interpretation.
• Unusual cases and differencial diagnoses.
• Report elaboration.

Section 3 – Hands-on

• Segmented videos.
• Full videos.

Colon Module

Section 1 – Theoretical lessons

• Indications and contraindications.
• Polyps.
• Flat polyps.
• IBD and Pillcam Crohn´s.
• Incomplete colonoscopy.
• CRC screening.
• Pediatrics.
• Future perspectives.

Section 2 – Practical sessions

• Procedure I – Before procedure.
• Procedure II – During procedure.
• Procedure III – After procedure.
• Images interpretation.
• Report elaboration.

Bloque 3 – Hands-on

• Videos segmentados.
• Videos completos.

Download the Course Brochure which contains all the Course information. If any doubts, questions or need more information, please contact us by email and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Owl Eyes capsule endoscopy ACADEMY


All the training resources have been developed in collaboration with the some of the most renamed CE-experienced physicians.

Dr. Ignacio Fernández-Urién
Pamplona (Spain)

Dra. Begoña González
Barcelona (Spain)

Dra. Marisol Luján
Valencia (Spain)

Dr. Julio Valle
Toledo (Spain)

Dr. César Prieto
Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Alfonso Elosua
Estella (Spain)

Dr. Miguel Mascarenhas
Oporto (Portugal)

Dr. Federico Argüelles
Sevilla (Spain)

Dra. Alejandra Jiménez
Sevilla (Spain)

Dr. Ángel Caunedo
Sevilla (Spain)

Dr. Kostas Tryantafillou
Atenas (Italy)

Dr. Javier Romero
Sevilla (Spain)

Dra. Mileidis San Juan
Sevilla (Spain)

Dr. Miguel Muñoz-Navas
Pamplona (Spain)

Dr. Rami Eliakim
Ramat Gan (Israel)

Dr. Marco Pennazio
Turín (Italy)

Dr. Cristiano Spada
Brescia (Italy)

Dr. Vicente Pons
Valencia (Spain)

Dr. Enrique Quintero
Tenerife (Spain)

Dra. Ana Borda
Pamplona (Spain)

Dra. Rosario Aznárez
Pamplona (Spain)

Dr. Emanuele Rondonotti
Como (Italy)

Dra. Cristina Carretero
Pamplona (Spain)

Dr. Patxi Juanmartiñena
Pamplona (Spain)

Dra. Elena Macías
Pamplona (Spain)


“We are sensitive to the daily workload of the attendees, so we have adapted the Course program to this situation.”

Download the Course Schedule. If any doubts, questions or need more information, please contact us by email and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

  • All Q&A sessions will be 1h-sessions and start at 7:00 PM (CET).
  • All webminars will be aproximately 1-h sessions and start at 07:00 (CET).
  • Important: some dates may change … if so, all attendees will be notified.


CME credits available (12,34 in 2022 by the Spanish National System).



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