Inside The Course I

June 12, 2024

Discover Our Endoscopic Capsule Training Video Classes

We are excited to present our first video in a series designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at our online endoscopic capsule training course. This course is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills in using the endoscopic capsule for diagnosing and treating diseases of the small intestine, colon, and Crohn’s disease.


What to Expect from Our Video Classes

In this first video, we will show you a summary of what you will find in our 20-minutes theoretical video-classes. The have been specifically designed to maximize your learning experience. Each video has been meticulously crafted by our course director, in close collaboration with e-learning content specialists. They cover all the topics related to small bowel, colon and Crohn´s.

An Innovative Pedagogical Approach

Our course focuses not only on medical content but also on how that content is presented. Thanks to our collaboration with e-learning experts, our video-classes are interactive and designed to maintain your attention and facilitate effective learning. Some of the pedagogical elements we incorporate include:

  • Dynamic Visuals: Graphics and animations that make complex concepts easier to understand.
  • Practical Examples: Real-life case studies that help you apply what you learn to real-world situations.
  • Interactive Assessments: Integrated questions to reinforce your learning and ensure comprehension of the topics covered.
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Join Our Learning Community

We invite all interested in capsule endoscopy to follow our video series and join our learning community. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us in our social media so you don’t miss any of the upcoming videos. Additionally, visit our blog regularly for summaries, additional resources, and to engage in discussions with your colleagues.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see how our Course can transform your understanding and skills in capsule endoscopy.