Video Reading Services

All our experience in capsule endoscopy is yours … if you have not enough time or experience to review your videos.

We want to be your eyes!

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Cases & Images

Send us an image, tell us something about its scenario, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a free opinion from one of our experts.

An expert’s opinion can save you time and resources.

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Do you need to promote the technique in your Center, Organization, or Social media? Do you want dissemination, education…?

Let’s give capsule endoscopy the recognition it deserves.

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Do you want to implement the technique in your Center and don’t know how to start? Do you already have it but would like it to work better?

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National Experts

Ignacio Fernández-Urién
University Hospital of Navarra
Cristina Carretero
University of Navarra
Marisol Luján
General Hospital
Begoña González
Clinic Hospital

International Experts

Dr. Abraham Eliakim
Sheba Medical Center
Ramat Gan
Dr. Cristiano Spada
 Fondazione Poliambulanza
Dr. Salvatore Oliva
Sapienza University
Dr. Neophytos Papageorgiou
American Medical Center

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