PillCam™ Summit

28 de November de 2023

The world of medicine is constantly evolving, driven by technological advances that transform the way diseases are understood and treated. One such advance, capsule endoscopy, has revolutionized the way several gastrointestinal diseases are diagnosed and treated. And to explore the present and design the future of the technique, Medtronic brought together 25 key opinion leaders from Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Scotland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Sweden in Barcelona. these are some of the topics that were discussed during this meeting:

  • Reflections on the Current State of the Capsule. During the meeting, the experts reflected on the current status of capsule endoscopy. They shared their experiences and observations on how this technique has revolutionized gastroenterology and enabled earlier and more accurate diagnosis of various gastrointestinal diseases. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities they face for the future, mainly in relation to the currently most important indications: gastrointestinal bleeding of obscure origin and Crohn’s disease.


  • Technological Advances in Endoscopic Capsule. The heart of the meeting focused on the technological advances that are pushing capsule endoscope into the future. Artificial intelligence was thoroughly discussed. and how could it be used to better readings or in the development of a cloud for centralized downloading of scans, as well as the use of single-use materials.


  • Quality in procedures. The meeting concluded with a look to the future. Experts shared their visions and projects for improving the quality of procedures, focusing mainly on bowel preparation and how to assess it properly. In this section, one of the lectures was given by Dr. Ignacio Fernández-Urién, director of the Owl Eyes Academy, whose lecture focused on the optimal method to evaluate the quality of the intestinal preparation and how to evaluate it properly.

This event was not only a showcase of the present and future of capsule endoscopy, but also a reminder of the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing between professionals that work in the field of medicine.

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