Paper of the Month

19 de March de 2024

Welcome to a new section of the Owl Eyes Academy Blog that we’ve decided to call PubMed Selection by the Owl Eyes Academy. As the name suggests, this time we’ll be selecting those articles related to endoscopy that we found most relevant and discussing them for all of you.

We believe that, in our profession, it’s crucial to stay up to date with everything published on PubMed. Obviously, we don’t always have the time for it, so we wanted to do this work for you.

During the month of February 2024, 32 articles were published. Of all of them the one that caught our attention the most was the one published by Professor Cotter’s group from Guimaraes, Portugal.

This article published in Endoscopy compares the effectiveness, as first-line techniques, of capsule endoscopy versus conventional colonoscopy in patients with negative gastroscopy and medium to low digestive bleeding.

Undoubtedly, an article that evaluates a current topic and whose results may represent a significant change in the short to medium term for these types of patients.

We hope you find it interesting.

Thank you!